Brighton Illustration graduate Rosanna Webster plays with movement, texture and colour to create multi-media collages that combine photography, animation and illustration.


Illustration at Brighton University


London-based collage-artist and filmmaker Rosanna counts Dior, Adidas Originals, the New York Times and Stella McCartney among her impressive client list, and cites Viviane Sassen and Jeff Luker as influences. Since graduating, she has worked on a freelance basis, cultivating a cross-disciplinary portfolio of work that has its origins in sketching and drawing and has evolved to include photography, collage and film. 

Her experimentation with different mediums keeps her work fresh, playful and a constant creative challenge while an emphasis on personal work has allowed Rosanna to refine her aesthetic and won her an array of interesting commissions.

In her own words

"Initially when I left uni, some work came in through friends of friends and I started to build a network. In terms of working as a professional, it was just learning as I went and asking lots of questions along the way." 
"I'm always drawn to colour, it's a real mood enhancer and so I use it quite confidently. I like to take textures them from their original source and combine these within new contexts in my collage work. Movement is pretty much always an element of the work I do now with digital platforms becoming ever more important, it's something I'm really keen to push further."
"Balance your time. It's hard initially not to say yes to everything and to try and somehow make it work. There are also lots of parts to running yourself as a business that are less fun than making the work itself, but still super important! Learning how to negotiate with clients, from fees to work feedback, it takes a while to find your confidence and approach here."

Take a look 

Puedo Hacerte Una Foto: A Portrait of Cuba, co-directed, filmed & edited with Phoebe Henry

Covers, a personal project reinterpreting a selection of favourite magazine covers through collage

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