Painter and poet Minyoung Choi's dreamlike work is made up of eerie, often surreal landscapes and elusive figures and motifs that are characterised by childhood memories of Seoul, South Korea.


MFA Painting, Slade School of Fine Art, UCL, London. 

MFA Painting, Graduate School, Seoul National University, Seoul.

BFA Painting, College of Fine Arts, Seoul National University, Seoul.


Seoul-born Minyoung Choi lives and works in London, and her practice includes painting, drawing, and poetry. She graduated from the MFA Painting Course at The Slade School of Fine Art in 2017, and in the same year was awarded the Henry Tonks Prize from the Slade, the Slade Summer School Residency and the Olvera Contemporary Arts Centre Residency in Spain. She was also a finalist of the Gilchrist-Fisher Award in 2018 and the Chadwell Award in 2017. 

In her own words

"My paintings are dominated by the memories of my childhood, reveries and imagination. At first glance, the dreamlike scenes seem to suggest a narrative although the whole mood, how things are placed and painted are more important for me. I collect images of objects, figures and creatures with poses that interest or fascinate me."
"The sources of this imagery range from everyday and banal to historical or fictive ones. When positioned in these landscapes they take on a new kind of personal symbolism and narrative making them exist once again, together at the same time. Through the process of painting, rebuilding and reimagining I aim to establish a connection to places that I long for."

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A Field Guide to Getting Lost, TAF The Art Foundation, Athens, Greece, 2018

The Gilchrist-Fisher Award, Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London, 2018

Terraform, Issue 2, Three Poems, p.79-81, Slade Press, 2017

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Minyoung Choi Lunchtime In Winter
Minyoung Choi: Lunchtime in Winter, oil on canvas (2017)
Minyoung Choi Teaoil On Linen2017
Minyoung Choi: Tea, oil on linen (2017)
Minyoung Choi Moon Ritual Oil On Linen 200 X 160 Cm 2017
Minyoung Choi: Moon Ritual, oil on linen (2017)
Minyoung Choi Little Ghost Oil On Linen 2017
Minyoung Choi: Little Ghost, oil on linen (2017)
Minyoung Choi Fish Tank Oil On Linen 51 X 41 2018
Minyoung Choi: Fish Tank, oil on linen (2018)
Minyoung Choi Field Oil On Linen 2018
Minyoung Choi: Field, oil on linen (2018)
Minyoung Choi Desk Oil On Linen 117X81Cm 2018
Minyoung Choi: Desk, oil on linen (2018)


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