Santiago-born, London-based artist Francisco Rodríguez is a recent alumnus of the Slade School whose portfolio of paintings and drawings has earned him a spot on Bloomberg's New Contemporaries 2018 list.


MFA, Slade School of Fine Art / UCL, London, United Kingdom
Post-graduate diploma in Painting, Universidad de Chile, Santiago, Chile
BA Fine Arts, Universidad de Chile, Santiago, Chile


Francisco recently graduated with an MFA in Painting at Slade School of Fine Art, after completing a BA and postgraduate diploma at the Universidad de Chile, and moving to London in 2014. This year has seen him selected as one of Bloomberg's New Contemporaries 2018; he will be participating in July's Liverpool Biennial and exhibit as a featured artist in the South London Gallery in December. Currently, he is preparing for an upcoming solo exhibition entitled "Utopías y desvelos", which will be showing at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC) in Santiago, Chile, next month (July 2018). 

Francisco's recognisable style is defined by delicate line work, a muted palette and complex themes and emotions that are conveyed through a consistent array of motifs, thoughtful imagery and dreamlike landscapes.

In his own words

"My practice focuses mainly on painting and drawing on canvas and paper. The characters and scenes that I paint explore topics of loneliness, alienation, and violence. These characters, despite coming from personal sensations and experiences can become universal by materialising them through painting. Thus, painting is a medium through which I can explore highly personal topics that are embedded in my experience."
"Although my work is mostly painting and drawing, I’m interested in experimenting with other media: I'm exploring digital animation, a medium that allows me to expand the narrative aspect of the motifs in my painting, and opens a new dimension to my work. Meanwhile, I experiment with superimposing images on canvas and paper, which enables me to explore the versatility of painting by opening up the surface, now not unique or fixed, but layered."

Take a look

Utopías y desvelos, an upcoming solo exhibtion at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC) in Santiago, Chile

Slade School of Fine Art Degree Show 2018, London

Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2018 exhibition, Liverpool School of Art & Design

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Francisco Rodriguez: Degree show drawings
It Was A Good Night Wasnt It  Oil On Canvas 220 X 190 Cm
Personal work: It was a good night, wasn't it
Nocturne 220X190 Oil On Canvas
Personal work: Nocturne
Sunday Night 220X190 Cm Oil On Canvas 2018
Personal work: Sunday night
The Boy Oil On Canvas 220X190Cm 2018
Personal work: The boy
The Dogs 220X190Cm Oil On Canvas 2018
Personal work: Dogs
The Twins 220X190 Oil On Canvas 2018
Personal work: The twins
They Who Laugh 220X190 Oil On Canvas 2018
Personal work: They who laugh


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