Hailing from Stuttgart, Carla Benzing is a London-based German artist and curator, with a fondness for exploring different cultures and ways of living.


Master of Arts, Central Saint Martins College Of Art and Design

Diploma in Fine Art Photography, FotoK Zentrum für Fotografie

Bachelor of Arts, Universität Wien


Carla Benzing is a London-based photographer and artist whose work is inspired by the different people and cultures encountered on her travels, defined by the central and recurrent subject of the observation of individual and groups of humans and their features, with a focus on her own generation. Her process is one of spontaneous documentation, involving the collection and curation of subjects she discovers, as well as the conceptual design and staging of her own visions. Intuition plays a large part in her creative processes, emphasising the importance of the "present" and offering thoughtful perspectives on how we live, what we expect and how we present ourselves. 

In her own words

"I am inspired by everyday situations and people and scenes that I see in urban environments. Most of all I am inspired my friends and people of my own generation and other artists!"

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2018 Central Saint Martins Degree Show, D-Space, group show, London

Blank100, a London-based studio experimenting with the principles of space, creativity and community, co-founded with partner Georg Staudenmaier.

CYCLE OF PLEASURE,  a short film commissioned by LVMH and Nowness, co-directed with Julie Schroer and Steffen Wendt Andrea

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05 From The Series Ivys Beauty World 2017
From the series Ivy's Beauty World, 2017
003 From The Series Plastic Study 2015
From the series Plastic Study, 2015
Brenda For Nadia Wire 2017
Brenda for Nadia Wire, 2017
Brenda For Nadia Wire 29 2017
Brenda for Nadia Wire, 2017
Jayna For Muk 2017
Jayna for MUK, 2017
Marely In Mexico 2015
Marely in Mexico, 2015
Three Flowers At Blank 2018 3
Three Flowers at Blank, 2018
Toyota 2015
Toyota, 2015


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