Starting out in business, artist Andreea Dobrin Dinu's brave leap into the design world has paid off as she continues to refine her visual language, and receive widespread recognition for her work.


Graphic arts at the National University of Arts Bucharest 
Illustration and Typography at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig


SUMMERKID is the graphic design studio of Romanian illustrator, graphic designer and artist Andreea Dobrin Dinu. SUMMERKID describes her professional trajectory as "a bit backwards": starting as a Business Management graduate, she made the jump into design by becoming a self-taught graphic designer, before studying Fine Art and later finding her own studio. 

Based in Hamburg, today SUMMERKID focuses on editorial illustration and illustrative branding, and is named after the "joy of life that only a child knows in summer vacation". This concept is also prevalent throughout the studio’s colourful, positive visual language, which she always tries to keep open for both an adult and a younger audience. 

In her own words

“A particular step that helped at the start of my illustrator career, which started 2 years ago, was a clear inner decision. One day I just said: “this is what I want to do, I want to draw for a living, I want to draw for at least 4 days a week and I am willing to erase everything I did until now and invent something new even if that meant one drawing””.
“My most significant project to date came six months into my career as an illustrator: a series of illustrations for the promotion of the largest yearly art fair in Romania, Art Safari. The illustrations were everywhere in Bucharest for more than a month – on buses, on buildings, in the art fair shop, at the subway… And I am extremely happy and honoured that this project won a World Illustration Award 2018, in the Advertising category as a New Talent entry, held yearly by the prestigious AOI.”
“When I’m given a brief, my creative process starts with a burst of quick pencil sketches to generate ideas. At first I draw the most cliché ones and then I try to dig deeper. It’s also the time when I work on my jokes – I try to find a little bit of humour or at least some strangeness. I then move to the computer, perfect the composition and play with colour. If it’s a personal project, ideas come from everywhere, and I usually start with a little text in mind: sometimes it’s a line from a poem or a song or just something that someone said.”

Take a look 

Art Safari 2017 – series of illustrations for the promotion of the largest yearly art fair in Romania, Art Safari

Culture Trip – from spooky superstitions to the New York City Marathon, look out for SUMMERKID's frequent editorial commissions from the global tech startup.

See more

01 Wall Clusters Were So In Personal
Personal work: "Wall clusters were all in"
02 Time Is On My Side Personal
Personal work: "Time is on my side"
03 This Is War Personal
Personal work: "This is war"
04 Bookblock Editions Runnerups Notebooks
Notebooks: "Book Block"
05 For The Selfie Addicts Art Safari 2017
Art Safari 2017: "For the selfie addicts"
06 For The Living Room Collectors Art Safari 2017
Art Safari 2017: "For the living room collectors"
07 For The Serious Collectors
Art Safari 2017: "For the serious collectors"
08 City Bus Art Safari 2017
Art Safari 2017: City bus
09 Yo Yo Man Wienerin
Wienerin magazine: "Yo-Yo Man"
10 Crocodile In A Wallet Factory Culturetrip
CultureTrip: "Crocodile in a wallet factory"
11 Colaj Ideo Ideis
Ideo Ideis newspaper: "Colaj cover"
12 Wine Drinking Gute Leute
Gute Leute magazine: "Wine drinking"
13 Feminism For Kids Scoop
Scoop kids magazine: "Feminism (for kids)"
14 Brumilla Süddeutsche Zeitung Familie
Süddeutsche Zeitung Familie: "Brumilla"
15 Nyc Marathon Culturetrip
Culture Trip: New York City Marathon


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