Anoushka Khandwala's work is tapping out of the Eurocentric and into Afro-futurism, while exploring the nature of interaction.


Graphic Design at Central Saint Martins (2018), and exchange year at School of Visual Arts in New York.


Anoushka Khandwala is a London-based graphic designer, illustrator and writer. Alongside her studies, Anoushka freelances alongside a small team for the start-up, Second Screen, creating custom apps for the entertainment sector, and has also worked on redesigning music news site Gigwise and rebranding clothing label, De La Vali. Socio-politics, and the inclusivity of women and minority groups has defined much of her work to date, with projects addressing big issues such as the lack of women of colour in the design industry. With her final year on her Graphic Design course at Central Saint Martins drawing to a close, Anoushka will be showcasing her work at her degree show and continuing to find ways to marry visual language with audience interaction.

In her own words

"My biggest project to date was my dissertation exploring the lack of women of colour in the design industry. This essay manifested as a zine, housed within a ‘protest poster kit’. The words then became an article which was featured on Creative Review, sparking conversations about race and gender throughout the industry. This article was then featured in ‘Normal to Dissent’, an exhibition at Central Saint Martins, exploring the nature of protest and representation. I’m involved in a lot of initiatives which tackle the lack of diversity in the creative industry and art schools, which I recently designed into a publication entitled ‘Decolonising the Institution’".
"Another project I’m particularly proud of is a series of posters called ‘Just Fucking Vote’ which I pasted up around London before the 2017 General Election. The explicit nature of the copy sparked controversy, but the campaign gained a lot of traction on social media, and hopefully inspired some people to vote!"
"My multidisciplinary approach is as diverse as its content! My work aims to move away from the Eurocentrism that dominates the British design industry, and is inspired by the visuals of Afrofuturism as well as my Indian heritage. I’m also particularly interested in the writings of bell hooks and Reni Eddo-Lodge; I’m a great believer in the importance of words within the context of design. Further to this, I love exploring the nature of interaction in all its forms. Combining strong visual languages with audience interaction is a practice I’m constantly trying to pursue." 

Take a look

Just Fucking Vote posters, which were flypasted around Central Saint Martins to raise awareness of the election 

Decolonising the Institution, a book documenting initiatives that Anoushka has been involved in over the past year

The Revolution Will Be Live, a dissertation on the lack of women in colour in the design industry

Anoushka's work will also be exhibited this summer at Central Saint Martins Graphic Design degree show, which runs from 20—24 June.

Designing Diversity 6
'Decolonising the Institution', Anoushka Khandwala
Designing Diversity 12
'Decolonising the Institution', Anoushka Khandwala
'Just Fucking Vote' posters, Anoushka Khandwala
Vote 3
'Just Fucking Vote' posters, Anoushka Khandwala
Dissertation Eight
'The Revolution Will Be Live' dissertation, Anoushka Khandwala
Dissertation One
'The Revolution Will Be Live' dissertation, Anoushka Khandwala


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