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Talent: Lily Kong

Lily Kong is a London-based illustrator who makes happy work by slapping a big smile on her bubbling characters no matter how embarrassing the situation is.

We are continually curating and championing exceptional emerging illustrators, image makers and content creators like Lily — and supporting them in their professional development through live assignments that form invaluable learning experiences.

Our central team provides the connectivity, support and expertise to ensure all projects are properly licensed, managed and produced, and that learning is captured throughout.

If you've a live brief and would like talent recommendations, please make contact with Helen Scibilia, Project Manager for New Now at YCN on or by calling +44 (0)207 033 2140.

Lily Kong Commisioned work Ace and Tate1
Lily Kong for Ace & Tate
Lily Kong Personal work Chatting Breeze
Chatting Breeze by Lily Kong
Lily Kong Personal Work i am kind of awesome
I Am Kind of Awesome by Lily Kong
Lily Kong Commisioned work Intern magazine
Lily Kong for Intern Magazine
Lily Kong Personal work heatwave
Heatwave by Lily Kong
Lily Kong Personal Work i got slapped real hard
I Got Slapped Real Hard by Lily Kong
Lily Kong Personal Work Painting At Weekend
Painting at Weekend by Lily Kong
Lily Kong Personal Work In the sunflower field
In the Sunflower Field by Lily Kong
Lily Kong Personl Work dont hey baby me
Don't Hey Baby Me by Lily Kong
Lily Kong Personal Work not okay
Not Okay by Lily Kong
Lily Kong Personal Work Im fine
I'm Fine by Lily Kong


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